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Vicki Ying Shi

Illustration  &    Art 


Vicki Ying Shi is a Toronto-based freelance artist pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts at OCAD University. Her primary focus is large-scale mixed media works with themes centered on femininity, memory, and pain. Vicki excels in both painting and digital illustration, creating emotionally resonant pieces that delve into the intricacies of the human experience.

My Work

Mix media, 2023

The piece consists of three elements: a canvas measuring approximately 1.7 meters, a square brick, and a projection of randomly generated text created by code. The artist utilized a range of techniques, including industrial spray guns, airbrushing, Chinese ink, acrylic plastic, oil paint, and stitching, to create this piece. The projection of "fake" Chinese characters, created using HTML, CSS, and JS, appears to be Chinese but is actually abstract symbols without meaning.

The brick element of the piece is spray-painted black with Chinese character grids painted on top, similar to those used for practicing calligraphy. The main canvas portion features airbrushed lines that resemble Chinese calligraphy from a distance, further emphasizing the connection between language and culture. The artist aims to explore the concept of abstraction within language and highlight the relationship between language, culture, and art through this piece.

Mix media on canvas, (18“x24") + (11"x 30"x22"), 2023

The series of works delves into the topic of menstruation and challenges the shame and stigma surrounding it. It also celebrates the beauty of the female body at different ages. The artist utilizes a red color scheme to symbolize the menstrual cycle and the power and grace of womanhood.

Mix media on canvas, 45"x32", 2023

The work incorporates various elements of femininity, utilizing a dominant red color scheme to symbolize the menstrual cycle, the female form, and the powerful and graceful beauty of womanhood. It is also the result of experimentation with various materials, including acrylic paint, markers, Chinese and Indian ink, yarn, glass and plastic beads, fabric, and fur balls. Industrial spray guns, tufting guns, punching needles, and a range of acrylic cutting and bonding machines were utilized in the artistic process.

mix media on canvas, 2023

Step into a world where the taboo and shame surrounding menstruation are challenged and subverted through the use of unexpected materials. This piece is a captivating exploration of femininity and the menstrual cycle, featuring a striking red color scheme that exudes both passion and gentleness. But what truly sets this artwork apart is the use of a most unconventional tool - feminine hygiene products such as tampons. Each brushstroke is a defiant statement, reclaiming and elevating the beauty and power of the menstrual experience. Through this daring form of performance art, the artist's work speaks volumes, proclaiming that it's time to say "NO" to the menstrual stigma.