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Vicki Ying Shi

Illustration  &    Art 


Vicki Ying Shi is a Toronto-based freelance artist, holding a Bachelor of Fine Arts from OCAD University. Specializing in large-scale mixed media works, her art revolves around themes of femininity, memory, and pain. Proficient in both painting and digital illustration, Vicki creates emotionally charged pieces that delve into the complexities of the human condition.

Her current artistic focus is on exploring the multifaceted struggles of contemporary women while embracing a serene female perspective. Through a blend of abstraction and representation across various mediums, she seeks to spark dialogues on female resilience, strength, and diversity.

My Work

Mix media, 2023

The artwork comprises a 1.7-meter canvas, a square brick, and a projection of randomly generated text using HTML, CSS, and JS code. Created with industrial spray guns, airbrushing, Chinese ink, acrylic plastic, oil paint, and stitching, it features a diverse range of techniques. The projection showcases abstract "fake meaningless" Chinese characters, while the brick is spray-painted black with Chinese character grids reminiscent of calligraphy practice sheets. Airbrushed lines on the canvas evoke Chinese calligraphy, delving into the abstraction of language and exploring the intricate relationship between language, culture, and art, refraining from discussing the concept of meaning itself.

Whispers of Light Series, 2024

Silver foil and oil on wooden board(24"x24"); acrylic & oil on wooden board (6"x8");
Chinese ink & oil on canvas(36"x36").

This collection comprises three distinct pieces that delve into the aesthetic exploration of 'appear and disappear,' examining the interplay between light and shadows. Infused with elements from my cultural background, the series incorporates subtle nuances such as Tang Dynasty tricolor horses and the incorporation of traditional Chinese ink. Through a harmonious fusion of Eastern and Western influences, the artworks present a compelling contrast between abstraction and representation, inviting viewers to ponder the intrinsic beauty found in the convergence of diverse artistic expressions.

Mix media on canvas, (18“x24") + (11"x 30"x22"), 2023

The series of works delves into the topic of menstruation and challenges the shame and stigma surrounding it. It also celebrates the beauty of the female body at different ages. The artist utilizes a red color scheme to symbolize the menstrual cycle and the power and grace of womanhood.

Mix media on canvas, 45"x32", 2023

The work incorporates various elements of femininity, utilizing a dominant red color scheme to symbolize the menstrual cycle, the female form, and the powerful and graceful beauty of womanhood. It is also the result of experimentation with various materials, including acrylic paint, markers, Chinese and Indian ink, yarn, glass and plastic beads, fabric, and fur balls. Industrial spray guns, tufting guns, punching needles, and a range of acrylic cutting and bonding machines were utilized in the artistic process.